editing and writing services for print and online projects


As I put the finishing touches on a proofreading project for a consulting firm, my red pen fell on one of the report’s pages, leaving a slight mark in a financial table. The next day, the COO I was working for thanked me for finding the mistake, which led him to correct an error in his spreadsheets. Sheer luck! Good to have but not to be relied on when editing.

Before an important project goes out the door to a client or the printer, make sure it’s the best work product it can be. Here are just some of the projects we can help you with:



  1. Brochures

  2. Business forms, letters and proposals

  3. White papers and reports

  4. Newsletters

  5. Articles

  6. Marketing materials


Keeping a website up to date and exciting can be very time-consuming. Does your website present the kind of image you want it to? Call us to help you with:

  1. Content creation

  2. Content editing, posting and coordination

  3. Site review and recommendations

  4. Photos and art

  5. Design

Call or e-mail to find out more about our editorial services and visit the portfolio page to see samples of our work.